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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Dhriiti Learning

Please read these Terms and Conditions and Policies prior to registering your user account on this web-site or using any portion of this web-site and/or related applications.

Dhriiti Learning shall at all times reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and Policies and any modification done shall be effective immediately from the date of posting on this web-site.

You agree to adhere to and abide by these Terms and Conditions and Policies throughout your

engagement with Dhriiti Learning.

You hereby understand and agree that you shall:

- Be responsible for your own use of the web-site

- Interface with the web-site solely for the purposes that you register for

- Not try to gain unauthorised access to the web-site, other accounts and/or to related

systems and networks through unlawful means.

- Be solely responsible for your own password and access to the web-site.

- Assure that you will not permit any other person to access your account.

- Acknowledge and agree that Dhriiti Learning shall at all times retain the right to determine

the appropriateness of any content that you may have posted on the web-site.

You will be required to create a user account. For this purpose you agree that you shall at a

minimum share your full name, address, including country of residence and email address. You also agree to provide any additional information as may be required for the purposes of enhancing Dhriiti Learning’s ability to provide you with the requisite services and/or as may be required for the purposes of validation of your identity and/or as may be required by law. You understand and agree that all the information as provided by you shall be accurate.

Dhriiti Learning assures you that all the data and information that is collected from you either at the time of registration and/or during your term of engagement with the web-site shall be kept private and confidential and shall not be used by Dhriiti Learning for any purposes other than for enabling you to interface with Dhriiti Learning and/or for purposes of improving the web-site and related products, services and applications; offering new products and services; delivering products and services; communication; research and development within Dhriiti Learning, especially around cognitive learning and for educational purposes; track progress, user behaviour and track utilisation of the web-site; compliance with applicable law.

Dhriiti Learning may also share your information with your sponsors and/or employers if they have paid for you to register for any service; its registered and approved services providers, partners and/or affiliates that Dhriiti Learning would require in the provision of any service and/or in the maintenance of this web-site. Dhriiti Learning assures that each such service provider, partner and/or affiliate would also be bound by a similar non-disclosure agreement.

Dhriiti Learning shall at all times endeavour to seek your consent for any additional disclosures of your information and shall share the same only as disclosed to you.

Dhriiti Learning shall retain your information and data till such time as you remain an active user on the web-site. If your account remains dormant continuously for more than 365 days, Dhriiti Learning may at its sole discretion make your account inactive. Once your account becomes inactive, you would need to create a fresh user account.

Dhriiti Learning may retain your information and data till such time as is required for record keeping, financial accounting, reporting, audit and compliance purposes.

You can access and modify your personal profile and information at any time. However, you shall not be permitted to change your username as that would be your identity that Dhriiti Learning would map against the services you register for and pay for on the web-site.

You may be required to install or permit the use of cookies and/or flash cookies. These are small

data files that will enable the web-site to receive certain information with regard to your activity on the web-site.

Dhriiti Learning has established a payment gateway with a third party provider. You shall be directed to that external site to complete the payment process. Dhriiti Learning shall in no way be responsible for any loss on account of any service break and/or deficiency that is attributed to that third party payment gateway. Dhriiti Learning shall issue a receipt for moneys received once the funds have been credited in Dhriiti Learning’s bank account.

Dhriiti Learning is the sole owner of all curriculum, content, teaching methodologies, materials that it provides through the web-site and/or as a consequence of your registration on this web-site. You understand and agree that you shall not copy, use, sell and/or reproduce any part or whole of any curriculum, content, teaching methodologies, materials that you access except for the sole purpose for which you have registered on the web-site.

By registering on this web-site, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions and policies.